PRIVIUM’s mission is to secure exclusive access to premium private market capital and investments across Asia.

For our investor partners this means access to a steady pipeline of the highest-quality small and medium-sized private transactions.

For our issuer partners this means access to private capital that would not normally be available to them through traditional financial institutions.


At PRIVIUM, we originate and structure small and mid-sized private market transactions on an exclusive basis for our accredited investor partners.

We work with our partners to arrange transactions in the most efficient and responsive manner possible.

Our investor partners comprise a select group of individual accredited investors, single family offices, and institutional investors.

PRIVIUM specialises in transactions that require a unique approach, or that are smaller than those typically arranged by traditional financial institutions.


PRIVIUM works with our issuer partners to determine the capital solutions that best meet their needs, while at the same time ensuring continued investor support.

Our solutions include debt, equity, and hybrid transactions, as well as financing for special situations.

We typically structure transactions for:

• Startups from the seed through to pre-IPO stages
• Established small and medium sized enterprises
• Investment funds
• One-off investment opportunities

We are sector agnostic but with a focus on Asia.