We are launching PRIVIUM Impact – Asia’s leading impact and sustainable finance partner

Dear friends and partners – 

Looking ahead, we will be working primarily on impact and sustainable finance projects. 

To reflect this, we have rebranded our business to PRIVIUM Impact, and set ourselves the Mission of mobilising private capital for a sustainable future. 

This evolution from a general advisory to an impact-focused specialist is the result of two things that became apparent to us over the past year and a half since we launched our business. 

First, the scale of the financing challenge as the world moves to a more sustainable future. To put a number on it – the United Nations estimates that achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires between USD 5 to 7tr of annual investment through to 2030, the bulk of which would be needed in developing countries. This is a truly staggering number when measured against an annual global GDP of around USD 84.5tr. 

With this in mind, we set ourselves the very modest goal of mobilising USD 1.5bn for sustainable projects in our target markets over the next decade. Naturally, we hope that this number proves to be conservative, and that we can do much better than our target in the years ahead. 

Second, the scale of the investment challenge. It is easy to think of the sustainability challenge in terms of scarcity of money – a financing challenge. It is, however, less intuitive to think of the sustainability challenge in terms of a scarcity of investable assets. But this problem is very real, especially in parts of South and Southeast Asia. The reality is that there is often more impact or sustainability mandated money available for deployment, than there are bankable assets. We see this in areas such as clean energy, financing for women-led enterprises, education, healthcare, etc. 

With this in mind we have launched a sponsored solutions business, with the aim of catalysing projects that are ready to receive funding, and thereby hopefully spurring further projects. The first project under our sponsored solutions business is currently being finalised and we hope to communicate more about this in the next few weeks.  

You can read more about our revamped organization on our new website at www.privium.asia 

In the meantime we would like to thank you for your support through our journey so far. 

We look forward to serving you over the next decade, as we march toward fulfilling our objective of USD1.5bn. 

Most sincerely, 

Trevor, Chris and Jonathan

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